Channel CARMA is a business development process using Marketing Automation platforms. 
Use it to Plan, Execute, and Measure your sales and marketing efforts among
IT "Manufacturers," such as OEMs and ISVs and
Channel businesses such as Distributors, MSPs, System Integrators and VARs

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- Cut teeth selling Burroughs Mini-Computers to Financial Institutions such as Credit Unions
- Sold HaaS (Hardware as a Service) in New England for Selecterm
- Provided pre-sales technical support in Intel and Motorola semiconductor OEM markets; and acquired and sustained Microprocessor Technical Certifications with both Intel and Motorola, among others (for Hamilton/Avnet)
- Sold and provided pre- and post-sales support for CAE Solutions for microprocessor development environments
- Company gained influence and size with addition of Digital Equipment Corp relationship. Acquired and sustained DEC Technical Certifications in VAX and Microprocessor technologies.
- Sales Manager for Avnet's Northeast Area which was the top performing branch of the 50 Avnet offices ... for 32 consecutive quarters; in other words, we the top performing Avnet office (out of 50 offices) every quarter for 8 years
- VP of Marketing for Avnet's System Integration Business Unit. Conceived and implemented a Marketing Automation program to mine the $1 Billion installed base.
- Serino and Associates, Inc formed and operated for 12 years in excess of 125 unique clients
- Omtool Channel Manager (Fired)
- UBM Everything Channel; In 9 months expanded company's ENTIRE customer base by 10 % increased net new sales by $750,000; expanded customer relationships with IBM, Dell, and HP (Fired)
- Serino Channel Services formed and operated for 4 years (approx. 200 unique clients)
- Semi-retired (worked in Cisco, Microsoft, Intel vPro, and computer-on-forklift ecosystems)
- Serino Channel Services reformed in 2017

Communicate complex technical/financial/business topics to diverse groups of people in understandable terms...

Communicate complex technical/financial/business topics to diverse groups of people in compelling terms.

"Diversity" in this context refers to people with;
 - Technical needs
 - Financial needs
 - Business needs
- Sales prospecting and closing needs

Serino Channel Services helps its clients
in the following ways:

 - Program Manage an initiative
 - Project manage an activity
 - Write content for websites and sales collateral
 - Act as a “Fractional CMO”
 - Coordinate international relationships for
    >International companies seeking to enter U.S. and
    North American markets
    > U.S. companies seeking to enter or enhance their

     international presence
 - Build or enhance your prospect database to address the needs of
   “Shadow IT Influencers” 
We can help you with:
 -Marketing Automation initiatives; from planning through
    execution, to measurement
 - Joint Marketing Plans
    >  Planned, Executed, and Measured
 - Partner Identification and Selection
 - Customer Retention Programs - CRM/PRM
 - Policy and Pricing Strategies
 - Channel Conflict Avoidance -  Registration 
 - New Account Development
 - After-Market Programs
 - Market Research