How and why
Serino Channel Servives 
Can Help You
Help Your Partners Succeed


- Cut teeth selling Burroughs Mini-Computers to Financial Institutions such as
   Credit Unions
- Sold HaaS (Hardware as a Service) in New England for Selecterm
- Provided pre-sales technical support in Intel and Motorola semiconductor  
  OEM markets; and acquired and sustained Microprocessor Techincal
  Certifications with both Intel and Motorola, and others (for Hamilton/Avnet)
- Sold and provided pre- and post-sales support for CAE Solutions for
  microprocessor development environments
- Sales Manager for Avnet's Northeast Area which was the top performing
  branch of the 50 Avnet offices ... for 32 consecutive quarters ; in other words,
  we we the top performing Avnet office (out of their 50 offices)
   every quarter for 8 years
- VP of Makreting for Avnet's Computer Business Unit
- Serino and Associates, Inc formed and operated for 12 years and helped
   in excess of 125 unique clients
- Omtool Channel Manager (Fired)
- UBM Everything Channel; In 9 months expanded company's
  ENTIRE customer base by 10 % increased net new sales by $750,000;
  expalnded customer relationships with IBM, Dell, and HP (Fired)
- Serino Channel Services formed and operated for 4 years (apprx 200 unique
- Semi-retired (worked in Cisco, Microsoft, Intel vPRO, and computer-on-
  forklift ecosystems)
- Serino Channel Services reformed
Communicate complex technical/financial/business topics to diverse groups of people in understandable terms...
Communicate complex technical/financial/business topics to diverse groups of people in
compelling terms.
"Diversity" in this context refers to people with;
 - Technical needs
 - Financial needs
 - Business needs
- Sales prospecting and closing needs
    Serino Channel Services helps its clients
    in the following ways:

     - Program Manage an initiative
     - Project manage an activity
     - Write content for websites and sales collateral
     - Act as a “Fractional CMO”
     - Coordinate international relationships for
           >International companies seeking to enter U.S. and North American markets
            > U.S. companies seeking to enter or enhance their i
    nternational presence
     - Build or enhance your prospect database to engage with and address the
        needs of “Shadow IT influencers”
    We can help you with:
     - Marketing Automation initiatives within a channel ecosystem
     - Joint Marketing Plans
        >  Developed, Executed, and Measured
     - Partner Identification and Selection
     - Customer Retention Programs - CRM/PRM
     - Policy and Pricing Strategies
     - Channel Conflict Avoidance -  Registration Programs
     - New Account Development
     - After-Market Programs
     - Synergistic Selling
     - Market Research

    Serino Channel Services is media agnostic.
    We believe the most important media are those
    YOUR PROSPECTS USE to find the information they need.